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April 7, 2011

Anna Hazare’s indefinite fast against corruption

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India preparing to fight against corruption. People are demanding strong Law against corruption. Shree Anna Hazare has given ultimatum to Prime minister for Strong Jan Lokpal bill against corruption. If not heard Anna would start indefinite fast from 5th april on Jantar mantar Delhi.

You will like to watch this vedio about Anna Hazare’s indefinite fast against corruption

You will like to watch kiran Bedi’s veiwes about this anti corruption fight

Dear friends,
Here is a chance to save and clean our country from the dirty ditch of politics.
I am not sure how many Indians in this world knows about what’s happening in Jantar Mantar. A 71 year old youngster is fighting for us.
I am sure most of us are really busy and don’t have enough time to participate in the hunger strike.
But we can certainly do something apart from just saying “I support Anna Hazare”. We will show it in action.
Let’s atleast post the news and details about this revolution in our facebook wall and twitter.
Let’s try hard to spread awareness about this.
IPL comes every year; World cup comes every four years. I don’t know when this kind of revolution will come again.
If not our generation atleast our future generation will live a quality life in our clean India.
Anna Hazare has ignited the fire; Every the most powerful selfish politicians are bullish to put that off. Let’s make sure this fire doesn’t go off.
Let’s be together to  kick the corruption out from our country.
Let us contribute through our sector, let us support financially, i am very sure it is an investment, if any one of us registered a land or house you might know the depth of corruption, I am sure we are not going to contribute that much.
Here’s ONE CHANCE to pack all the corrupted politicians and throw them away from our country. WE CAN DO IT. Please help!!

– (Original email from my friend RamKumar)

I am going to do fast tomorrow to support Anna Hazare, you will like to read one appeal from one senior citizen of our contry.

Share your views and contribution on this ‘anti-corruption’ demands and activity.


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