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January 24, 2011

Compassionate philosophy and literature

 Hello Friends,

When I created my blog last year I had no idea, what I will write? What I wanted to share? But it has just started. Gradually I realized, I have many things to share. Many things which makes more sense when we talk about “we all are connected”.

Many things which talk about deep moral experiences I have gone through or our duty being a friend/daughter/mother/in-laws/social/any relation we talk about being a human being. But over all idea is we have to be so pure by heart such that, our natural duties become as natural as our natural call each morning.

Many things I want to or realize to share gradually, which are directly related with our spiritual journey. Since last few days, I started posting blog post about Jain Pratikraman Sutra’s meaning. And surprisingly, I got good response about those posts too. Many friends suggested having separate jain blog. I was also thinking the same with time. But, when I started learning those meanings, my idea was we should have done modifications in them such that, it should have more relevance with current world. It must not become blindly following something, rather it should be more meaningful or logical to realize our own mistakes.


Whatever we practice as per our religion being a jain/non-jain is nothing but leading us to be more pure (If we really can become conscious about our actions while performing those). When we are child, we are very innocent. But gradually, we adapt many negative emotions in our life journey. Our negative emotions or destructive emotions lead us accumulating more karma, which are nothing but ageing agents. This increases more with age. E.g Anger + Greed + Ego + Deceit = ‘AGED’ = Ageing agents.

So, GOD Mahavira has found these Anger, ego, deceit, and greed arising from attachment and aversion are the soul’s impurities. To remove such impurities, Jainism has prescribed six essential practices known as Ävashyaka to be performed daily of which Pratikramana is defined as the 4th Ävashyak.

Last year, I started learning about these meaning which actually was in my pending list since my childhood.

But while learning those, many arguments came in my mind. That time, I thought to have such educational material online in English/Gujarati/Hindi that too with meaningful changes which can suffice our logical queries. I talked about my Bhaktamar ppt with stanza by stanza meaning with Shri Ajay Sagarji Maharaj saheb. And one day, I got call from Pujya Ajay Sagarji maharaj saheb for preparing such pathashala material help. He gave me Mr. Pravinbhai’s (e-Jaina library) contact detail and told me that I will get all help I may need to prepare this educational material. Pandit Dhirubhai, who has already worked on sutra’s introduction in Gujarati, Pravinbhai also gave me other helpful material for Pratikraman Sutra’s meaning. And I started preparing with decided format to make it more understandable first and in 2nd phase with logical modifications. Means we are working to modify required sutras such that it should have direct relation with our daily/routine life’s mistakes.

I also got an invitation for writing ‘Sadharmik Blog’ from Jain Sadharmik website which is running by Shri Hemendra Vora(my respected cusion uncle). So, now onwards, I will publish all these spiritual post with JainSadharmik website’s blog. My contribution with this website is limited as of now with “writing blog about Compassionate philosophy and literature, ideas etc’. 

But the idea is this blog is DEDICATED TO People around the world Committed to compassionate living. You are also most welcome to share your voice which can help us for our spiritual life progress.

You are invited to read “ભગવાન મહાવીર ને પત્ર.”

 Note:  “Anger + Greed + Ego + Deceit = ‘AGED’ = Ageing agents”  Quote is from “jain thoughts and prayers” book by k.v.mardia.


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  1. Pl share meaning of panchpratikraman sutra ,each word from each sutra

    Comment by PREETI JAIN — March 26, 2012 @ 10:51 am | Reply

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