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December 29, 2010

09.करेमि भंते सूत्र – Karemi Bhante Sutra

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09. Karemi Bhante Sutra  Introduction
આ સૂત્રથી સામાયિક ઉચ્ચરાવામાં (આપવામાં) આવે છે. સાવદ્ય યોગના (પાપવાળા વ્યવસાયના) ત્યાગનું પચ્ચક્ખાણ કરાવાય છે. મનથી વચનથી અને કાયાથી હું પાપ કરીશ નહી અને કરાવીશ નહી આવી પ્રતિજ્ઞા આ સૂત્ર દ્વારા કરાવાય છે. તેથી આ સૂત્રને સામાયિકનું “પચ્ચક્ખાણ સૂત્ર” કહેવાય છે.

09. करेमि भंते सूत्र
करेमि भंते! सामाइयं सावज्जं जोगं पच्चक्खामि, जाव नियमं पज्जुवासामि,
दुविहं, ति-विहेणं, मणेणं, वायाए, काएणं, न करेमि, न कारवेमि,
तस्स भंते! पडिक्कमामि, निंदामि, गरिहामि, अप्पाणं वोसिरामि. .1.

09. Karemi Bhante Sutra
karemi bhante! sämäiyam sävajjam jogam paccakkhämi,
jäva niyamam pajjuväsämi, duviham, ti-vihenam,
manenam, väyäe, käenam, na karemi, na käravemi,
tassa bhante! padikkamämi, nindämi, garihämi,
appänam vosirämi. .1.

09. Stanzaic Meaning :–
Oh bhagavan! I am performing the sämäyika. As long as I abide the vow, (so long)
I am taking the paccakkhäna of sinful activities in two ways– would not do and would not make others to do and in three ways– by thought, by word and by action. Oh bhagavan! I am performing the pratikramana, I am condemning, I am censuring them and I am relinquishing the (sinful) soul.

09. General Meaning:-
In this sutra, there is a vow to under take sämäyika and to relinquish the sin of harmful deeds. In other words, not to do or promote any sin by thought, word or deed and to be in equanimity till the vow of sämäyika is shown.



  1. Thank you very much Hiral, for posting this, especially with meaning of such great stotra. hope you are having others stotras too with their meaning.

    Comment by Saurabh Shah — December 11, 2012 @ 7:56 am | Reply

  2. करेमि भंते!
    According to My Understanding , In Jain Philosophy , there is Ever Existing Universe with NO GOD ( BHAGVAN ) , Yes there are Arihant which later becomes Siddh. This Arihant &/or Siddh position can be attined by all ATMA

    करेमि भंते!
    Here भंते refers to self ( actually meaning can be 2nd/3rd person , but here its for self )
    Its self reciting that for Samayik , I take પચ્ચક્ખાણ ( vow ) ……

    We being living near /around Hindu , we have ‘BHAGVAN’ ( GOD ) concept many time gone into philosophy and confuses many JAIN followers
    Same is TRUE for STAVANs – Major Talking abt ‘BHAGVAN’ – GOD – and praising and in return expecting return ( gifts ) from GOD !
    We are suppose to be PRAISING GUN of Arihant/Siddh , not them , But we forget , and starts thinking in wrong ( with respect to JAIN philosophy ) in GOD …..

    JAIN Dharm , there is NO MAGIC – hence so favours ! Actual Physical world with Fixed Laws applicable to all in same way !

    Comment by Haresh Gala — December 6, 2013 @ 10:42 am | Reply

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