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December 2, 2010

5. इरियावहिया सूत्र (Iriyävahiyä sutra)

5. iriyävahiyä sutra Introduction
આ સૂત્રથી રસ્તામાં જતાં-આવતાં થયેલી જીવોની હિંસાનું પ્રાયશ્ચિત કરવામાં આવે છે. કયા કયા જીવો માર્યા હોય? અને કઈ કઈ રીતે માર્યા હોય? તેનું વર્ણન કરવામાં આવ્યું છે. થયેલી હિંસા બદલ હૃદય અત્યંત દુઃખી થયું છે તેવી સંવેદના વ્યક્ત કરવામાં આવે છે.

5. इरियावहिया सूत्र
इच्छा-कारेण संदिसह भगवन्! इरियावहियं पडिक्कमामि? इच्छं,
इच्छामि पडिक्कमिउं. ||1||
इरियावहियाए, विराहणाए ||2||
गमणागमणे. ||3||
पाण-क्कमणे, बीय-क्कमणे, हरिय-क्कमणे,
ओसा-उत्तिंग-पणग-दग-मट्टी-मक्कडा-संताणा-संकमणे. ||4||
जे मे जीवा विराहिया. ||5||
एगिंदिया, बेइंदिया, तेइंदिया, चउरिंदिया, पंचिंदिया. ||6||
अभिहया, वत्तिया, लेसिया, संघाइया, संघट्टिया, परियाविया, किलामिया,
उद्दविया, ठाणाओ ठाणं संकामिया, जीवियाओ ववरोविया,
तस्स मिच्छा मि दुक्कडं. ||7|| 

5. iriyävahiyä sutra
icchä-kärena sandisaha bhagavan! iriyävahiyam padikkamämi?
iccham, icchämi padikkamium. .1.
iriyävahiyäe, virähanäe. .2.
gamanägamane. .3.
päna-kkamane, biya-kkamane, hariya-kkamane, osä-uttinga-panaga-daga-matti-makkadä-santänä-sankamane. .4.
je me jivä virähiyä. .5.
egindiyä, beimdiyä, teimdiyä, caurindiyä, pancindiyä. .6.
abhihayä, vattiyä, lesiyä, sanghäiyä, sanghattiyä, pariyäviyä, kilämiyä, uddaviyä,
thänäo thänam sankämiyä, jiviyäo vavaroviyä, tassa micchä mi dukkadam. .7.

5. stanzaic meaning :–
Oh bhagavän! voluntarily give me the permission. shall I perform the pratikramana for the sins committed while coming and going? I accept your order. I wish to perform pratikramana.  .1.

…for the faults committed while walking on the way.  .2.

…while coming and going. .3.

…by suppressing (walking over) the living creatures, by suppressing the seeds, by suppressing the green vegetation, by suppressing dew, burrow of ants, five coloured moss, wet soil spider’s web.  .4.

…living beings which are pained by me. .5.

…(living beings) with one sense organ, with two sense organs, with three sense organs, with four sense organs, with five sense organs.  .6.

…are being kicked by feet, are being covered by dust, are being trampled with ground, are being collided with each other with their bodies, are being touched a little, are being troubled, are being distressed, are being frightened, are being shifted from one place to another, are being deprived of life; all these misdeeds of mine may become fruitless.  .7.

5. General Meaning :-
By recitation of this sutra a person enumerates the sins that may have been committed by him/her in ordinary day-to-day life while moving around and repents, apologizes, and asks for forgiveness for those sins.


  1. Only truly compassionate person and religion can think about Ahinsa and Karuna at such a micro level. How compassionate Mahaveer Swami must have been !

    Comment by Uday Trivedi — December 3, 2010 @ 3:37 am | Reply

  2. very nice hiral.. great going…its really nice to know u are sharing the meanings of sutras for us to understand…

    Comment by chinmai — December 6, 2010 @ 5:41 pm | Reply

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