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June 28, 2010

Book Review: Twelve facets of Reality

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 We have seen summary of twelve different facets of reality. Reflecting on these aspects, we will come closer to seeing life as it really is. When our mind does not see life as it is, it acts and reacts according to it’s preconvinced concepts of what should be. It then uses all its energy to make these concepts concrete.


When concepts become concrete then life becomes rigid, like a crystal. Whenever life becomes crystallized there is no flow. Because of rigidity, we take stands. We go to the extent of frightening in order to maintain our bias. As a result we become either temporarily happy or unhappy. If we watch ourselves as such times, we can see that we have lost pliability. In this way, we lose touch with the flow of life.

Meditation on these twelve feelings will lead you to reality of life.


This book is written by Gurudev Chitrabhanu. (Twelve facets of Reality) Editated by Clare Rosenfield. Meditation on each feeling is narrated with spiritual stories from mythology. Which makes clear our understanding about reality of life.

 Hindi book  “जीवन का उत्त्कर्ष१२ भावना by Gurudev Chitrabhanu.


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