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June 10, 2010

4. एकत्व भावनाः Solitude of the soul

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एकत्व भावनाः

आप अकेलो अवतरैं मरै अकेलो होय ।

यूं कबहूँ इस जीव को, साथी सगा न कोय ॥


4. Ekatva Bhavna – Solitude of the soul

Under this reflection, one thinks that the soul is solitaire, and
      lonely in existence.  The soul assumes birth alone, and departs
      alone from the life form.  The soul is responsible for its own
      actions and karmas.  The soul will enjoy the fruits, and suffer bad
      consequences of its own action alone.  Such thoughts will stimulate
      his efforts to get rid of karmas by his own initiative and will
      lead religious life.

note: image (©JAINA), english explanation :  Complied by Pravin K. Shah,  Jain Study Center of North Carolina



  1. Soul’s journey is always alone. However, due to new bonds (Runanubandh) created by us in one lifetime, soul has to embark upon a new journey where that another soul is residing, in order to complete this bondage. Even then, in stead of removing all bonds, we create many more bonds – thus becomes endless cycle of life.

    I think getting rid of Karmas is not possible. A realized Soul will also do something – which is one’s Karma. One can get rid of the attachment or bondage with fruits of all Karma. The brings freedom (Moksh).

    Comment by Uday Trivedi — June 15, 2010 @ 3:42 am | Reply

  2. To get rid of karma is possible although it is difficult. That state is said “STHITPRGYA” in Bhagvat Gita and “VITRAGI” in Jainism.

    That is a state where, you are not attached with what you are doing. For example in your first story, Bramvetas was so compassionate and realised his duty to save lives and helped to lioness and cups. Althought he helped but accumulated karma by thinking “Pride” that he helped them.
    So, if we want to get rid of karma we need to be aware about our thought process.

    In many sutra in Jain religion it is said as “man, vachan ane kaya thi pan koine hinsa karvi nai”.
    If we daily do meditation on these feelings, think deeply for few minutes or hours according to convinces, then one can gradually become aware about his mistakes.

    Comment by hiral — June 15, 2010 @ 8:15 am | Reply

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