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June 8, 2010

3. संसार भावना: Samsara Bhavna – No permanent relationship in universe

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संसार भावनाः

 दाम बिना निर्धन दुखी, तृष्णा-वश धनवान ।

कहूं न सुख संसार में, सब जग देख्यो छान ॥


  3. Samsara Bhavna – No permanent relationship in universe
      Under this reflection, one thinks that the soul transmigrates from
      one life to the other in any of the four forms, human, animal,
      hellish, and heavenly.

      The continual cycle of birth, life, and death is full of pain and
      miseries, and has not yet ended.  There are no permanent worldly
      relations like father, mother, friend, foe, etc.  It is we who
      establish these relations and live accordingly.

      This kind of thought will help minimize or stop any attachments to
      anybody, other living beings, or objects.  The soul must achieve
      ultimate freedom from it, which is liberation or Moksha.

note: image (©JAINA), english explanation : Complied by Pravin K. Shah,  Jain Study Center of North Carolina


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