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March 31, 2010

The Scientific Foundation of Jainism: Book review

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This book is written by a scientist and internationally recognized researcher. The book “The Scientific Foundation of Jainism” is a valuable guide in understanding of Jain philosophy. This book covers core and important knowledge from old Jain scripture.  Also author has explained Jain philosophy with the help of science (Physics). 4 Axioms are explained very well, all important concepts are explained by scientific diagram and with real life analogy that makes all concepts very interesting to understand.

The Axioms of Jainism

Axiom 1: “The soul exists in contamination with karmic matter and it longs to be purified”

Axiom 2: “Living beings differ due to the varying density and types of karmic matter”

Axiom 3: “The karmic bondage leads the soul through the states of existences (cycles)”.

Axiom 4A: “Karmic fusion is due to perverted views, non-restraint, carelessness, passions and activities.”

Axiom 4B: “Violence to one self and others results in the formation of the heaviest new karmic matter, whereas helping others towards moksha with positive non-violence results into the lightest new karmic matter”.

Axiom 4C: “Austerity forms the karmic shield against new karmons as well as setting the decaying process in the old karmic matter”.

Also more important chapters like Purification prescription, Jain Logic, Jainism in Modern science

Old Jain scriptures, Life of Mahavira , Jain History are also core summary to understand Jain History.

At the end, author has explained purification stages and game (Snakes and ladder) that is very important to understand our spiritual growth path toward moksha.

Overall whole book from the first page to the last page is with full of knowledge, explanation with scientific diagrams, analogy and with reference (for further deep study on topic), are making abstruse concepts very interesting and easy to understand.

This book (which has cover science behind all routine life questions), must not be restricted among Jain. This is a valuable guide for all human being to become very good human being.

According to me This book is as important as a Jain we study Namo Arihantanam and All Jain Pathshala must have this book in their Jain study syllabus.

Routine practice of all these fundamental principles of non-violence with the help of scientific knowledge (this book) will surely help to solve today’s terrorist and global warming problems.

I am glad that I came across such a valuable book.



  1. This is not directly related to the book. As you are a Jain I hoped to bring this to your attention. I went to Palitana about a year back, it was a really nice experience. The main thing that was bad is their conflicting scientific ideas about the universe and its formation. Thats was really something strange I ever came across.

    I am not sure if they teach it as a study of literature or teach as science itself. If they are teaching it as a study of literature itself then they are not making it very explicit.

    Comment by Ankit Modi — March 31, 2010 @ 3:52 pm | Reply

    • Hi Ankit,
      Yes, you are right; I guess you are talking about Mahavideh kshetra and Bharat kshetra etc.

      I am also not aware and agreed upon that philosophy. And I am also not aware that they teach them as a science or not.

      But if you are interested to understand Jain philosophy (Karma theory and all, Jainism and Modern science), then you can definitely read this book. I have studied in pathshala (5 pratikraman and Nav smaran), but I guess better we jain children first study something which is relevant with the current time. (Like this book)
      This book is written by Proff. K.V.Mardia. He is a statistician by profession and Jain by religion. You can go through his profile on Wikipedia.


      This book is available on Amazon.

      Comment by hirals — March 31, 2010 @ 4:19 pm | Reply

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